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Drennan Acolyte Plus 11ft Feeder


Drennan Acolyte Plus 11ft Feeder
Drennan Acolyte Plus 11ft Feeder
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Drennan Acolyte Plus 11ft Feeder


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The 11ft (3.35m) length is the perfect all-round choice for ease of both casting and playing fish on a wide variety of venues. 
The rod has more power than the 11ft Ultra Feeder, which makes it an ideal choice for quality fish like bream, tench, chub, carp and F1s. However, the smooth, parabolic playing action still copes really well when reeling in smaller silverfish. 
The slim, crisp and responsive blank cuts through the air and offers optimum casting accuracy. The cast is further enhanced by stand-off SiC guides that are deliberately spaced to help the line travel through them as smoothly as possible. 
This rod is ideal when matched to feeders up to 60g (2oz) and will easily cope with ranges up to 50 metres. Greater distances are achievable with sensibly balanced tackle and a good casting technique. The 11ft Plus comes with three push-in carbon tips of 2oz, 2.5oz and 3oz. 
These super-slim tips have been designed to blend perfectly with the rod blank. The rod can be neatly folded away into two sections, so it can be carried to the bankside in a Rod Sleeve or Rod Case and assembled in seconds. A useful set of Neoprene rod socks and a rod-retaining band are also included to help keep everything secure and protected in transit. 
The Acolyte Plus 11ft Feeder has taken almost two years of field-testing, refining and perfecting by our dedicated team of experts. The result is a rod that casts like a dream and allows you to play fish with confidence. 
Features: 11ft (3.35m) length 
Ideal for carp, F1s, tench, bream and chub 
Crisp and responsive blank for optimum casting accuracy 
Parabolic playing action cushions fish of all sizes 
Ideal for ranges up to 50m Great with bombs and medium sized feeders up to (2oz) 60g 
Best matched with reel lines from 4lb to 8lb (1.8kg to 3.6kg) 
Two-piece construction for ease of transport Supplied with fine 2oz, 2.5oz and 3oz push-in carbon tips 
Neoprene rod socks and retaining bands included




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