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Tackle Guru – Bait Box 3 Pint


Tackle Guru – Bait Box 3 Pint


The 3 Pint Bait Box has been designed to store and be used with any bait you could possibly use, pellets, maggots, corn, etc.

Designed in typical Guru colours, black box with an orange lid. The lid itself is tight fitting which avoid any chance of the lid clicking off during transit and bait being released accidentally. All 3 Pint Bait boxes are stackable which saves significant space when packing the boxes away in your luggage.

The lid on the 3 Pint Bait Box features a perforated lid, which is perfect for live baits such as magots, worms, squats or pinkies.

1 Pint and 2 Pint Bait Boxes also available.

Key features

  • Used for storing largerĀ amounts of baits
  • Tight fitting lid
  • Stackable
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