MIDDY Reactacore Hollow Elastic


MIDDY Reactacore Hollow Elastic

MIDDY Reactacore Hollow Elastic –
Specially developed hollow pole elastic, with a very small micro-bore to create slightly increased tension while playing fish. Reactacore elastic has a grey compound centre with nano carbon-black particles! These carbon-black particles, along with the micro-bore, help to increase latex life, stop the elastic from flattening and produce a smooth flowing action. The bright fluorescent outer makes the elastic highly visible, plus it comes pre-coated with lubricant so it’s ready for use straight out the packet. The packet itself is also UV protective, to defend the elastic against any damage from sunlight. Available in a range of sizes, Reactacore hollow pole elastic offers both exceptional quality and value-for-money, supplied in 5 metre lengths that will easily elasticate at least two top 2-kits.


14-18 saturn, 4-6 flame, 8-12 cerise


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