MIDDY Hi-Viz Original Solid Elastic


MIDDY Hi-Viz Original Solid Elastic

MIDDY Hi-Viz Original Solid Elastic: 3-4 Match (Green)
Hi-Viz solid elastic from Middy is extremely popular throughout Europe and is the choice of many of angling’s biggest names. It is made with a unique lattice configuration to give it incredible strength and stretch, as well as a soft action. Hi-Viz is fluorescent colour impregnated and pre-coated with Hi-Viz Pure lubricant ready for use. Available in a choice of seven different grades from 3-4 up to 18-20, its reputation is second-to-none and the 6-8 orange grade is Steve Ringer’s “number one choice for big F1’s and carp to 5lbs”. If you haven’t tried Hi-Viz yet, now is the time. It is also available in a range of ‘Shockcore’ hollow grades.


10-12 pink, 14-16 red, 18-20 blue, 3-4 green, 4-6 purple, 8-10 yellow, 6-8 Orange


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