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Drennan DMS Cool Box Small


DMS Cool Box

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DMS Cool Box Range

DMS is an acronym for Drennan Modular System. The DMS range begins with the Visi Boxes which come in Large, Medium and Small sizes. The dimensions of the Visi Boxes are deliberately interconnected amongst themselves and to the Large and Small Carryalls. 

The Large Visi Box is twice the size of the Medium and the Medium is twice the size of the Small. Combining the Visi Boxes with either Carryall creates a wide range of permutations to suit each individual angler, whilst maximising the use of space.


DMS Small Cool Box – 25L – 36cm x 29cm x 24cm

The Small DMS Cool Box comes complete with cool blocks that perfectly fit the base of the box and provide a constant cool environment for the duration of a days fishing. 




  • Purpose made slim cool blocks that don’t take up much space
  • EVA – Light and durable!
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated interior
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • Small and Large
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