Drennan Bucket Set 25ltr


Drennan Bucket Set 25ltr

This Drennan Bucket Set 25ltr is made from a very strong polymer that is built to last, and is part of the Drennan Aqua colour scheme. The 25 litre bucket is marked with internal measuring lines, if you need to measure out your ground bait. A smaller bowl is supplied that fits into this bucket and has a capacity of approx 5 litre. Also included in the set is a round bait riddle that can be used for riddling maggots or ground bait. The bucket has a cover that is made from neoprene which creates a snug fit, which zips open so that you can get at the ground bait, when it is zipped up it keeps the ground bait and other contents dry.

This bucket system is very versatile and can be used for transporting all your bait


Heavy duty polymer bucket

Strong carry handle

25 litre main bucket

5 litre internal bucket

Metal riddle for maggots/groundbait

Zip-top Neoprene lined cover

Aqua colour scheme


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