Drennan Acolyte Pro Whip 600


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Acolyte Pro Whip 600

The 6m Acolyte Pro Whip 600 has a telescopic Top 3 plus 3 take apart sections.


The whip weighs approximately 150g at full length and yet ultra strong and stiff, perfect for speed fishing to hand when bagging Roach, Perch, Dace and Bleak on Rivers or Silverfish on Stillwater’s and commercials.

The whip comes as standard with a solid flick tip, but is also supplied with a Super Slick Internal PTFE bush, PTFE plug and PTFE bead to allow you to elasticate the number 2 section.

Each section is numbered to allow the angler to know how long they are fishing and all of the joints are reinforced for extra durability and strength.

The Range:

  • 6m Whip


  • Telescopic top three
  • Three take apart sections
  • 6m total length
  • Approximately 150g
  • Strong and durable
  • Reinforced joints
  • Numbered sections
  • Solid Flick tip
  • Accessory pack
  • Ability to elasticate number two section


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