Drennan Series 7

Drennan Series 7
Drennan Series 7


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It is extra supple and can be used as both a reel line or rig line and is available on 100m and 250m spools.
100m Spools:
2.9lb (1.31kg) – 0.14mm 
3.4lb (1.54kg) – 0.16mm 
4.6lb (2.09kg) – 0.18mm 
5.6lb (2.54kg) – 0.20mm 
6.9lb (3.13kg) – 0.23mm 
8lb (3.63kg) – 0.25mm 
10lb (4.54kg) – 0.28mm 
12lb (5.45kg) – 0.30mm


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